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Sue (47), Mother-of-Three and Conference Organiser, Basildon

"Until I had this work done, I would hold my hand to my mouth every time I smiled - I was so self-conscious about my teeth. And in my line of business, that isn't a good thing.

The treatment I received wasn't painful and I was amazed by the results. It is 100% better - the colour is a perfect match, my teeth are a better shape and even the shape of my mouth looks better.

Best of all, people at work have noticed and, although I didn't go into this for comsmetic reasons and I had to have the work done anyway, it has really improved my 'look'. I feel so much more confident now."

Alex (30), Public Relations, Leytonstone
"I am very happy with my new white teeth! Everything was very professional and my smile looks ‘A million dollars’!."